Summer Glow Bowl 7pm to 10pm - Every Saturday All Summer Long!!!

No Open Bowling Available June 28th until 2:30pm

Open July 3rd 11am to 5pm - Closed July 4th

Closing Early Thursday, August 1st at 5:30pm for Youth League Pool Party

League Bowling

Join us for League Bowling Through the Week

Eager to join a bowling league and meet new people? Ready to mingle with others who share your same passion for the sport? You’re in luck. Come on down to Potter’s Alley in the heart of Morton to check out our league bowling options. We offer two types: adult leagues and youth leagues. We offer the perfect environment in which to compete, thanks to our 16 ADA-accessible hardwood lanes with automatic scoring.

That means we welcome people of all ages and abilities to play. Consequently, we offer league bowling nights and afternoons throughout the week. Call us and learn more or come down and check out one in action. Potter’s Alley is owned by Central Illinois natives Richard and Diane Jones, who also happen to be big bowling enthusiasts themselves.

Why Choose us for League Bowling?

First off, we have incredible food and bowling here. Our full-service restaurant and bar serving beverages, burgers, wraps, pizza and appetizers will surely make your league outings even more enjoyable. Plus, we offer a clean, safe facility featuring the latest bowling alley technology, resulting in more enjoyable and competitive play at all levels.

League Bowling

So, here’s why you should choose Potter’s Alley for your league gatherings and more:

  • League bowling
  • Youth bowling
  • Open bowling
  • Moonlight bowling
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Private parties and events
  • ADA-accessible lanes
  • Full-service restaurant and bar serving beverages, burgers, wraps, pizza and appetizers
  • Specials
  • Dart leagues
  • Affordable birthday party packages
  • Finally, Fundraisers

Our centrally-located bowling alley brings people of all ages and abilities together for a little fun and healthy competition. Thus, we strive to provide every customer the very best experience every time!

Contact Potter’s Alley for League Bowling

In conclusion, to learn more about our league bowling, contact us at 309-266-7010. We are conveniently located at 628 W David Street in Morton, IL.